The Therapeutic Value of Group Therapy
Instructional DVD Program
Group Enactments Demonstration Models Panel Experts

Featuring enactments of Group Therapy situations interactive graphics, and Panel Experts providing you very pointed and seasoned advise and insights regarding Group Therapy and its value.

The Therapeutic Value
Of Group Therapy
Dr. Berger in Black

In this highly educational and easy to follow DVD, Allen Berger, Ph.D. and a panel of experts in the field of addiction treatment, explain the sociology behind group therapy approaches and the reasons why group therapy is valuable in the treatment of addictions. Dr. Berger uses multiple models to simply demonstrate what effects group therapy has on the patient as well as several group enactments that exemplify the therapeutic benefits of group therapy. The content of this DVD is applicable for directors, clinicians, patients, and students alike.


48.5 minutes

ISBN-13: 9780982723302
Pub. Date: May 2010
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