Unpacking Bill Wilson's 1956 Letter on Emotional Sobriety  



In 1956 Bill Wilson wrote a letter to a depressed friend offering him assistance in understanding depression. This was the fist mention of “emotional sobriety.” Bill shared in this letter what he had discovered about his own depression and its underlying causes. Bill had approximately 21 years of sobriety when he wrote this letter. You will find its content rich in both spiritual and psychological insights. It reveals Bill’s personal struggles with holding on to himself and in dealing with his emotional dependency upon others for his self-esteem.


Dr. Berger unpacks this important historical document as only he can integrating his psychological insights with insights into the process of recovery. He helps you understand the effects of emotional dependency on your relationship with yourself and others, and how you can unhook your dependency by holding on to yourself. This is one of Dr. Berger’s most popular audio programs.

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