About Dr. Allen Berger

Who I am has been shaped by many different forces and experiences. Below you will find some of the defining moments from my personal life and from my professional life. I hope that understanding the kinds of challenges I have faced in my life helps you get to know me better. These experiences have all played an important part in making me the person and psychotherapist I am today.

At a glance
My personal and professional life has moments both wonderful and tragic:

  • My father’s death when I was ten.
  • My drug addiction before, during, and after my service in Vietnam.
  • My journey into recovery since 1971.
  • My professional journey, mentored by some of the best therapists and addictions specialists in the world.
  • My deep gratitude to my Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, to my family and friends, and to the many outstanding professionals who mentored me and worked with me.


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