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Allen Berger, PhD, Clincal Psychologist
Herb Kaighan, Spiritual Guide

Who should attend? ALL who are interested in improving the quality of their life by reducing suffering and increasing joy!

Dr. Berger and Herb K. will discuss a solution not only to addiction but for dealing with our human condition – unmanageability. Carl Jung had suggested “The Spirit is the antidote to spirits” = optimal living and personal happiness. Bill Wilson states in the Big Book “…our way of living has its advantages for All.” This workshop will be a deep dive into the application of tools for optimal living. We will discuss emotional balance, a purposeful life, and personal fulfillment.”

Honestly ask yourself:

  • Are you unhappy, bored, irritable, discontent, depressed, stuck?
  • Do you find yourself repeating self-defeating patterns of negative thinking, feelings, and
  • behavior?
  • Are you frustrated by your ineffective efforts at attaining and sustaining contentment?
  • Through this workshop you will experience a process for:
  • Identifying the primary obstacles to a healthy relationship with yourself.
  • Taking responsibility for producing a positive attitude and taking effective actions.
  • Fostering your personal growth toward a sense of meaning, value, purpose and joy…a personal life that really FLOURISHES!


9AM-1PM Saturday, January 29, 2022 Schedule (ALL TIMES PST)
9:00AM Overview/Orientation: Responsibility for Our Suffering
10:00AM Are We a Human Be-ing and/or a Human Do-ing?
11:00AM Principles: Being Awakened – Effective use of Conscience (Step 10)
12:00PM Happiness: Staying Awake – Practice of Consciousness & Compassion (Steps 11 & 12)

Cost and Registration

Each workshop is $45. Zoom Information and links will be emailed to you a few days before each event.
To register, call Jose at (310) 377-4867 x250, email him at jsalas@maryjoseph.org, or visit www.maryjoseph.org.


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