Gestalt Experiential Training Program

The Gestalt Experiential Therapy Training Program.

This training program will help you develop your full potential as a therapist or counselor regardless of level of clinical experience.

Be Trained by the Best.

Led by Dr. Allen Berger and staff, each training session includes a lecture by Dr. Berger or staff on a specific element of Gestalt therapy or the therapeutic process, followed by a live therapy demonstration. Students will learn how to assess the therapeutic process for the most important theme, to design effective therapeutic interventions, to integrate personal awareness into the therapeutic process, and to develop pragmatic and impactful interventions.

The program is modeled after the training program that Dr. Kempler offered for over 10 years in Southern California. Dr. Kempler encouraged the personal participation of each trainee in the process of training.

Students have commented that they have grown personally at least as much as they have grown professional, if not more.


Each training session will consist of a didactic lecture on a specific element of Gestalt therapy or the therapeutic process, followed by at least one live therapy demonstration.

No Stone Left Unturned.

Moment by moment analysis of videotaped sessions of various master therapists including Erving or Mairam Polster, Walter Kempler, Fritz Perls, James Bugental, or Virginia Satir, followed by a time to personally apply or discuss the subject or theme of the day.

This program meets one Saturday per month from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for 24 months.


Please send a letter of intent and a $150.00 deposit to:
Dr. Allen Berger
2200 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 219
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

Include your address, clinical background, contact information, and a stamped self-addressed envelope.