The Gestalt Experiential Therapy Training Program

This training program will help you develop your full potential as a therapist or counselor regardless of level of clinical experience.

Be Trained by the Best

Led by Dr. Allen Berger and staff, each training session includes a lecture by Dr. Berger or staff on a specific element of Gestalt therapy or the therapeutic process, followed by a live therapy demonstration. Students will learn how to assess the therapeutic process for the most important theme, to design effective therapeutic interventions, to integrate personal awareness into the therapeutic process, and to develop pragmatic and impactful interventions.

No Stone Left Unturned

Moment by moment analysis of videotaped sessions of various master therapists including Erving or Mairam Polster, Walter Kempler, Fritz Perls, James Bugental, or Virginia Satir, followed by a time to personally apply or discuss the subject or theme of the day.

Because of COVID and Dr. Berger’s relocation to Doylestown, PA the training program is now virtual. The program continues to occur one Saturday a month, typically on the 3rd Saturday. Instead of the class meeting for 6 hours we are now meeting for 3 hours from 1pm – 4pm EST. Certification requires 144 contact hours, which means that certification might take up to 4 years. The program is ongoing and you can begin the training at any time.

Fee: $100 per session

Zoom link will be sent upon receiving an email expressing your interest to join the program. Send your email to: