Below you will find handouts from my presentations, articles I have written, talks I have given, and videos. You can watch, listen to, or download any of the items in this section at no cost. They are free. All I ask is that if you do share them with others, that you recognize me as its author.

You can access and download handouts from recent presentations and trainings. These are typically in a 3 slides per page format.

You can browse and download the brochures for the two year training program I offer at the California Institute of Gestalt Experiential Therapy, for The Institute for Optimal Recovery and Emotional Sobriety, and for the Certification Program in Process Focused Recovery Counseling: Specializing in Emotional Sobriety.

You also have access to articles I have written on recovery, relationships and psychotherapy.

If your organization has hired me to conduct a Continuing Education event you can download my Curriculum Vita, my headshot, and a brief professional bio.

You can listen to several radio shows I have appeared on, lectures I have given, and a brief description of the 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery I discuss in my book with the same title.