Clinical Services

My Mission

My mission is to help each person realize their potential and discover new possibilities within themselves and in their relationships.

I do this by:

  • Promoting awareness and discovering new possibilities.
  • Using and facilitating experiential interventions/experiments.
  • Focusing on what is missing in how a person is functioning.
  • Helping a person learn how to stay centered and hold on to themselves.
  • Combining the wisdom of 12-Step programs with the knowledge and science of psychotherapy
  • Providing one-on-one, couples, and family therapy sessions.
  • Letting a person’s problem determine the direction of the therapy.
  • Sharing my experiences and knowledge.

Many principles govern my work, but three of the most important are that no one should suffer alone, that trouble doesn’t mean something is wrong but rather illuminates the next step in our personal development that we need to take, and that therapy should be a practical, no nonsense experience. Because of my emphasis on practical solutions, some people call me “No Nonsense Al.”

I provide individual, couples, and family psychotherapy by appointment for both face-to-face sessions and telephone consultations.

Intensives are weekend or week long programs specifically designed to address your current situation.

ECTx is a one-on-one intensive treatment program customized to help you recover from addiction and to help your spouse and/or family begin healing.

I am available to lecture to patient populations and to conduct special focused group therapy sessions.

I conduct inservice staff training in the principles of effective group, family and individual counseling. I also help counselors examine their own professional development.

I specialize in conducting complex interventions. I pride myself in having a very flexible strategy when it comes to performing an intervention which means that I have a wide range of options available.

Helping you discover new possibilities