Emotional Sobriety for Professionals

Dr. Allen Berger speaks to Intervention Training program, led by Ed Storti and Patricia M. Pike.

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Part Two

Emotional Sobriety with Herb Kaighan

This workshop is a guide to: identifying unconscious obstacles to your relationship with yourself & others; taking ownership and responsibility for your life, your relationships, and your happiness; fostering your emotional/spiritual growth and having your life FLOURISH.

For more information or to find out about future workshops please contact the Mary & Joseph Retreat Center (www.maryjoseph.org)

Part One

Part Two

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Emotional Sobriety and the 12 Steps


The recordings of the popular Thursday evening Emotional Sobriety meeting. WATCH NOW

The Road to Recovery: A more in-depth look at what it takes to rebound from substance abuse

The #ZoWhatShow featuring Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Emotional Sobriety: Clinical Considerations in Working With Clients-Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Self Hate and Addiction – Dr. Allen Berger

Emotional Sobriety – Developing a Healthy Perspective Towards Yourself.

Interventionist and Sober Companion Damian Schiller join Dr Berger & the Monty’man for this important broadcast on Step by Step towards Emotional Sobriety. The topic: Developing a healthy respect towards yourself, your feelings and your emotional patterns. More great tools for establishing what Bill Wilson said was the next frontier “Emotional Sobriety.”

Step by Step Towards Emotional Sobriety / Doing Things for the Right Reasons

Dr Allen Berger and the Monty’man co-host this vital show on Emotional Sobriety.
This week Monty sits in for Dr. Berger and talks about doing things for the right reasons and not for a pat on the back. In recovery it’s vital we understand this or we risk the chance of relapse.

Coming Up Next on NOL Podcast- Dr Allen Berger on His Book, Love Secrets Revealed

Coming up next on NOL… “He’s clueless. She’s needy. Maybe if I just work harder at it. I feel like we’re roommates, not lovers.” If this sounds like your relationship, you might be thinking you fell for the wrong person, but Dr. Allen Berger reveals the real reasons why you aren’t getting great sex, intimacy and a lasting connection.